Three have quietly launched their first Blackberry service

by Ben Smith on 22nd April 2009

In a blogger’s meeting with Three last night at their Holborn store, I was chatting to some of the Three and 1000heads / 3mobilebuzz guys over a beer.  I asked, as I always do, where the Blackberry Bold we were shown at their ‘Chirstmas in July’ event last year had got to.  Low and behold it launched for business customers yesterday!

-10 blogger points for me for not knowing this and congratulations to the Three team.  Although they didn’t refer to it I expect at least some of the delay has allowed Three to confirm the much-reported reliability problems the Bold have [1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 ] are addressed now.  They’re promoting a BIS offering (which they did sight as taking some extra time to establish), but David Kerrigan Three’s Head of Internet Services said they were also offering hosted BES – presumably as custom option.

The device is free with tariffs from £29.79 per month, BIS is £4.26 per month (both excluding VAT).

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