Video Diary: Ben Smith at the AQA2U launch

by Ben Smith on 27th April 2009

For my first video diary segment I went to a noisy bar to meet Colly Myers, the CEO of ‘answers by text’ service AQA to discuss the launch of their new text messaging ‘broadcast system’ AQA2U.

The service uses the power of their team of ‘question answerers’ to provide an easy-to-use premium text service Colly explained to me:

“AQA2U is web 2.0 with a business model. It puts texts, alerts, updates and offers from anyone who’s got something to say, into the hands of followers who are passionate enough to part with a few pounds per month. We already know people will pay for this, as we get many thousands of texts to AQA 63336 asking the same types of questions time and time again.”

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