Virgin Trains: Free Wi-Fi (except on mobile devices)

by Ricky Chotai on 30th April 2009

Vigin TrainToday I had to go down to London, as I was speaking to some MPs about the state of the UK University system and on the return leg of the journey back to Manchester I was booked into first class (where you get posh nosh and drinks) and the best of all free Wi-Fi that works in tunnels.

Now on reading this yesterday I got quite excited thinking about the things I could use on my trusty 5800. Iplayer, Mobbler, Dabr, Gravity and Facebook the list was enough to keep me occupied for the 2 hour journey.  Seriously it is a mobile geek’s dream train journey, except for the one simple problem that the sign up page to authenticate to the network would not work on my 5800. I tried both the S60 browser and Opera Mini.

Nothing, it was simply not having it, it would not load the page fully. I am no wizard on website design but I can imagine it would not be that complicated?  Heck you the lovely readers would probably be able to do it in 20 minutes? Yet the lovely people at Virgin did not consider about the humble mobile user.

Richard if you are reading this:

  1. The year is 2009
  2. Smart phones are rapidly on the increase so can you make you log in page mobile friendly?
  3. Oh and can you make sure trains run on time?

My advice to you that if you intend on using Virgin’s Free Wi-Fi for all, then make sure you take your trusty laptop!

Out of curiosity I wonder if the iPhone browser would have been able to authenticate? If you have any experience with any devices or different train operators Wi-Fi let us know below.

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