Mobile Networks and Engagement on Twitter

by Ricky Chotai on 12th May 2009

o2ukofficial OR 3mobilebuzz OR vodafoneuk - Twitter SearchThis post is based on the 5 network operators here in the UK. I did not expand my research into the MVNOs and foreign operators, however if you do have more information feel free post to below in the comments.

Over the last few weeks Vodafone have been running a twitter hunt, where they have giving away some HTC Magic handsets. To be in with a chance follow @VodafoneUK where clues are tweeted on a daily basis. When the competition was in Manchester one of my friends when down to the store, to try and win, sadly he did not win however what was more frustrating was that Vodafone did not engage with him offer him discount on a contract or give a demo of the phone. This in my view is crazy here are people who have come down and Vodafone have simply ignored them.

When he got home he tweeted about Vodafone’s lack of interest; however Vodafone still did not acknowledge the point he was making. We were then talking about engagement on twitter, and he commented how well he said o2 UK (@o2ukofficial) was doing in talking and listening to its customers on twitter.

3 UK also have a twitter account (@3mobilebuzz) however this service is less about talking and listening to customers and more about publishing information about Three’s latest product and services.

Out of the three networks above O2 seem to be the ones who seem to be really listening, and they told me they read all messages that are sent by DM or reply and if necessary try and help if possible.

It shocks me that T-Mobile and Orange don’t have a twitter account, aren’t these guys in the communication business? In my view someone is more likely to tweet that they had bad or good service then send an email, I think it is a fantastic way to get feedback on your service.

The real question is should the mobile networks be monitoring twitter? Should they be stepping in if necessary to help out with issues?  Really Mobile’s own James Whatley does something similar in his role at Spinvox, and as a result, SpinVox are able to do deal with customer feedback in ‘real time’.

What do you think?

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