Search for N: Clue 1

by Ben Smith on 27th May 2009

After last week’s excitement the first clue made it to me in a surprising form today:

Seach for N: Clue 1 - Loney Planet Finland Guide

Flicking through the book, I didn’t notice anything odd about it, other than Helsinki looks like a great place to head to for the next city-break.  I put it aside and went off to organise awesome things for our readers (or drink coffee, I forget).

A short time later this tweet caught my attention:

Twitter / WOMWorldNokia: @chaslam500 @bensmithuk co ...

…and after consulting some of the finest minds in the UK (I had a think… what do you think I’d do, ask James Whatley?) I checked page 60:

Search for N: Clue 1 - 'S60' Geddit?

Hmmm… looks like a clue to me. An ‘S’ on page 60… I’ll leave the rest to you – let me know in the comments if you want me to check any other parts of the book. I can’t see any other obvious marks.

Remember: You’ll need to go to the N-Series blog when you have 5 clues to enter them… well, I’m not sure exactly what for *cough* N97 *cough*.

The next clue’s due tomorrow… watch this space.

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