T-Mobile launches Together Rewards

by Ricky Chotai on 27th May 2009

T-Mobile Rewards

O2 has their treats, Orange has Orange Wednesdays and now it seems like T-Mobile are jumping on the bandwagon and are launching Together Rewards.

Together Rewards is available for both Pay as You Go Customers (minimum £10 spend) and all Post Pay customers. You can sign up on the phone, in store or online (via My T Mobile).

The rewards are hardly ground breaking stuff ‘Like free texts, free calls when you’re abroad, free internet browsing with web’n’walk on your phone and lots more’, however in the current climate every little does help. The one reward that does catch my eye is the free calls abroad, especially when other operators are cutting roaming promotions like 3.

Overall it is nice they are offering this to their existing customer, but honestly it is nothing in comparison to Orange’s Magic Number Promotion or 2 4 1 Cinema Promotion. I think it relation to its competitors in regards to rewards Orange really does have the upper hand.

Editor’s note: It’s also worth noting these two gems from T-Mobile’s T&C’s for Rewards:

… you’ve then got 30 days from the end of your three-month period to choose which Together reward you want … Remember that your rewards will be lost if you don’t choose in time and that each reward will have its own legal stuff too.

If you choose a reward that gives you the same service as one included in your price plan or included a pass or booster you have added to your plan, the service that you paid for will always be used up before your Together reward.

So don’t be too slow choosing, or choose any service you already pay for unless you regularly exceed the bundles allowance.

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