T-Mobile's Content Block System: Broken

by Ben Smith on 11th May 2009

IMG_1767Having got my Cupcake over-the-air firmware update for my G1 on Friday morning I was looking forward to a weekend of ‘spot the difference’ and loading my first widgets.  It would appear T-Mobile have different ideas…

From about mid-afternoon on Friday access to the Android Marketplace and many websites has been prevented by their content-blocking system whenever I’ve tried to use them.  Whilst I applaud the availability of such a system – it’s a useful tool to help parents educate their children on responsible use of the internet – right now it’s broken and making me cross.  It’s blocking sites that have been accessible for the last 6 months of my contract and everything in the Android Marketplace.  The content system apparently ‘protects under 18s from accessing inappropriate content …. including social networks’, but it’s allowing access to Facebook, but not to a business site without any user-generated content or adult material on it.

Although I believe this option was already switched off and T-Mobile are well aware of my age and that the handset is for my use, an on-line option to remove the content lock with a credit-card as proof of age is being offered at the ‘blocked’ screen, but this also appears to be broken so a call to customer services or a trip to a T-Mobile shop is in order.

The problem is that if I do ring T-Mobile I’m likely to get cross about the other aspects of their appaling service too and just buy my way out of the account… An expensive option but one that’s pretty tempting right now.

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