Thanks for all your feedback!

by Ben Smith on 5th May 2009

Thanks to everyone who got in touch with feedback on the site – it’s really appreciated and helps us make the site that’s somewhere pleasent to be.  We’ll try not to post too much about the site (rather than the mobile stuff you came to read), but we wanted to let you know we are listening:

  1. RSS feeds now work for all the feed readers we tested, including Bloglines which was failing previously.
  2. The Vimeo video player is now included in our RSS feed so you can watch it in your feed reader (if it supports it).
  3. The ‘Tweet This’ button now uses our own ‘’ short URL service and is joined by a ‘ShareThis’ button for other services.
  4. You can now put ‘www’ in-front of any of our URLs (,,, and the ‘proper’ one if you really want to and it will work.

Have we missed something?  Let us know below…

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