Search for N: Final Clue [It's up!]

by Ben Smith on 2nd June 2009

Search for NThe final clue is up!

The final clue’s due to be published some-time today and then the race is on to find the 7  prizes. We’ll update this post as soon as it’s available – many (including us) had anticipated a midday release – so far, no news.

When you have the answers, go to the N-Series blog to enter them and unlock the locations… If you need some help, sign-up to our RSS feed where we’ve published extra help for the first 4 clues.

If you’re not lucky enough to snag one they’re available unlocked online and in the UK flagship store on Regent St from the 19th June and all the major UK networks (except directly from O2, it seems) from the 26th.

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