Search For N: Last-minute clues

by Ben Smith on 2nd June 2009

Search for N

We’re only a few hours away from the last clue being published to unlock the location of the N97 prizes located in Oxford, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Dorset and London (there are two prizes in London).  In case you haven’t solved the first 4 clues yet here’s a helping hand just for The Really Mobile Project readers:

  1. The answer to clue 1 is the full name operating system of the N97 – three words 3 / 3 / 5 characters.
  2. The answer to clue 2 is the three letters missing from the alaphabet in the 27 symbols given. It’s the name of Nokia’s online services – one word, 3 characters.
  3. The answer to clue 3 is found from an anagram of the words in the 4 videos.  It’s the ratio of widescreen displays written in numbers – two numbers separated by a ‘:’ character.
  4. The answer to clue 4 describes the movement of the mechanism to open and close the N97 keyboard – one word, 5 characters.

The answer to clue 5… well we don’t know yet, but when you enter 5 correct answers 7 locations (latitude and longitude) will be unlocked – you’ll find the prizes there.

Good luck!

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