Smith & Whatley: At the N97 launch party

by Ben Smith on 17th June 2009

I ventured into London once again this evening to hoover up some free orange juice (it’s a school night) and witness the launch party for the N97, which we’ve been playing with for a little while now (well, since February if you count the prototypes) .  We were amongst good company as Stephen Fry put in an appearance:

Twitter / Stephen Fry: At the Nokia N97 launch. M ...

…and I snapped a few pictures with the very N97 you’ll be able to win on UK launch day as part of our Week of Win.

View the images on Flickr (mobile friendly)

Just for kicks James and I recorded a short AudioBoo just outside the event too in a nearby shop doorway… How glamorous is this blogging gig, eh?

Listen on the AudioBoo site (mobile friendly) [ MP3 download ]

Many thanks to Steve Litchfield and all our friends at All About Symbian for hooking me up with a ticket – someone had to keep an eye on Whatley.

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