'Free' data roaming on Orange (for businesses)

by Ben Smith on 24th July 2009

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Unusually interesting news in from the people at Orange, France Telecom’s hard-to-love network (at least in the UK) which hasn’t been the source of much excitement for some time…

As part of their ‘Orange Travel‘ initiative they’re now offering a range of bundles that allow multi-national corporations to provide ‘no roaming cost’ international data for users from the UK, France, Belgium, Poland, Spain and Switzerland.  They’re still fairly limited packages – 10MB, 50MB and 100MB for either European or full international roaming – but it’s a promising sign that operators are continuing to address the concern at the unpredictable nature of data roaming charges.

There’s a number of initiative under-way to address roaming call charges (particularly notably by Vodafone who’s ‘Passport’ initiative this summer has received much attention), but data roaming is generally patchy, inflexible and expensive.  The ability for businesses to provide fixed cost roaming bundles to their employee’s accounts will further the expectation that data shouldn’t be an anomoly to be feared for bill-shock.  Increased availability will also assist in driving down the painfully high costs of other, existing data-roaming bundles which are still tens of times more expesive than home-country data, despite the Eurpoean Union’s half-hearted interventions for that region.

Perhaps one-day we’ll even get back to the point where operators offer free roaming across all their international networks including data bundles… like the recently withdrawn ’3 like home’… oh….

[ Via Andy Abramson’s VOIP Blog ]

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