Labs NRU: On iPhone Soon!

by Ben Smith on 8th July 2009

Excellent news from the team at Labs – the NRU app we’re already big fans of on Android is coming to the iPhone.  Here’s there the announcement by Marko, Head of Innovation:

On the 19th of June I queued up at our local O2 store to buy the new Apple iPhone 3GS, on the day it was launched in the UK.  Once we’d heard that it had a compass, like the Android phones we’re fond of, we just had to have one.  We immediately put a stop to various other projects and started work to create our award-winning nru application for the iPhone.  And now, just over 2 weeks later, it’s about done, and looks pretty cool, even though we say so ourselves.  Especially considering this has been the first real iPhone app created by our developer Sam.

You use it by moving the whole phone around your body or rotating it, to see what’s in different directions.  You can find nearby restaurants (from fonefood) as well as bars, bowling alleys, cafes, cinemas, clubs, comedy clubs, music venues, pubs, snooker & pool clubs and stations (all from our partner Qype).

The team’s made the video above whilst the app awaits approval from Apple.  They’ve promised to annouce it going live using the #lmlabs hastag on Twitter or you can keep your eyes on’s slice of the iTunes App Store.

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