[UPDATED] SpinVox: We're going to HQ to see for ourselves

by Ben Smith on 31st July 2009

spinvox_logo1You can’t fail to have seen the coverage Spinvox has been getting recently. Following articles from PaidContent and the BBC covering allegations of financial difficulties and that the transcription is entirely performed by call-centres there’s been much debate over whether the claimed technology works, the business is sustainable and the security of customers’ data.  Further hostile claims in anonymous blog comments have added detail to the original claims and dismissed the firm’s rebuttals as ‘mis-leading’.

Today Ben and Dan are amongst a number of bloggers to receive an invitation to visit the firm’s HQ next Tuesday.  The invite offers the opportunity to see the SpinVox Voice Message Conversion System  in action and to get hands-on by acting as quality-control agents in a demonstration of the service.  We’ll also be able to ask questions and that’s where we need your help…

We’ll be meeting with CEO and Co-Founder Christina Domecq as well as CTO Philip Marnick [Updated Mon 3rd with info from SpinVox's PR firm] CIO Rob Wheatley and Hugh Woolford, Director Infrastructure and Global Service Delivery. What should we ask them?  Do the allegations that have been made concern you? Which aspects of a demo do you want to know most about?

Add you questions to the comments below and we’ll take them with us on the day.


  1. James Whatley, co-founder of The Really Mobile Project, is a SpinVox employee and speaks for them in his role as head of social media – we’re also good friends.  James won’t be participating in our coverage of the event, reviewing or censoring the output from Ben and Dan (who are attending).  He has directly asked us not to limit or constrain our coverage in any way.
  2. Dan Lane is a SpinVox user and has a free account provided by the company for review. Dan has no current or past financial interests in the firm.
  3. Ben Smith is a SpinVox user with a standard account which he pays for. Ben has no current or past financial interests in the firm.
  4. We have agreed not to film or photograph the demonstration of the VCMS at Spinvox’s request (as have all attendees). However we are not limited in our description of discussion of it and will film interviews with staff.

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