Evernote and Nokia Stickers 'n Free Stuff

by Ben Smith on 9th August 2009

Would you like some free stuff? You would? Well read on… Because it just so happens free stuff is what we got… and in the form of stickers too… which we all know are more highly prized by bloggers than cash or human affection.

Free stuff... but not hugs.

Free stuff... but not hugs. (Picture, all rights reserved, James Whatley)

To celebrate quite how much we love Evernote here at The Really Mobile Project (especially the addition of text recognition to PDFs for premium subscribers recently, which has got my scanner buzzing) and because Nokia gave us a ton of stickers too, we’re having another give away.

Fill out the form below, let us know what you want and we’ll do the rest.  It’s first come, first served so be quick!

You can also checkout a pic of the type of Evernote stuff we have from a previous give-away!

Note: We need your address, but will only retain this until the stickers have been sent to you and will not pass it on to anyone else / use it for any other purpose.

Update: All our stickers and notebooks have been sent out now.  Most people got some of what they asked for (although we did run out of notebooks quite quickly… we’ll see if we can get some more in) and only a few missed out altogether (first come, first served – sorry!).

The last batch is winging it’s way around the world tonight (Fri 24th Aug).

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