O2 confirm Palm Pre UK launch date / pricing

by Ben Smith on 24th September 2009

This morning O2 have confirmed the release date for the Palm Pre in the UK will be Friday, 16th October. The device will be free on 18 month contracts of £44.05 per month or more and £96.89 on cheaper 18 month contracts with an included ‘unlimited’ data and WiFi deal similar to the iPhone package.

Palm Pre

On your Christmas list?

Full details are available on O2′s blog.

Available since June on Sprint in the US, a version suitable for European networks first showed its face in February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but aside from radio chip-set (the US version operates on CDMA whereas GSM is used across Europe) the device is unchanged.  Although the launch bugs will have now been well ironed-out the market hasn’t stood still since the Pre’s original launch with HTC’s Sense UI, Motorola’s Blur platform and Nokia’s Maemo 5 OS replicating many of the deep social-network integration and multi-tasking capabilities which initially attracted so much attention. It remains to be seen if Palm, which has been present but mostly invisible in Europe recently, can still wow consumers with this device.

This launch comes at a crucial time for Palm, which jumped in share price on Tuesday based on a resurgence of the rumour that Nokia was about to make a bid for the firm. It also follows the announcement of the Pixi, a second device to use Palm’s WebOS platform, due to launch in the US on Sprint by Christmas.

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