Looking at the Nokia Booklet 3G with an N900

by Ben Smith on 18th September 2009

In a break away from filming (well, real actors were doing the filming… I was just an extra) a set of new viral videos for Nokia in Budapest, I snagged an N900 and a Booklet 3G and tried to answer two questions in one go:  What’s the N900′s video like and how does the Booklet 3G cope playing HD video from the web?

It’s worth noting that although the hardware of the N900 is ‘probably’ the release edition, the firmware still has some revisions due before launch so do expect the quality to improve particularly in low light as in this video…

The camera’s been reported to be the same as the N97′s, although when we compared them the focal length appears to be slightly different.  Do expect the image quality to be similar though.

For those that asked I’ve also made the unmodified original video file from the N900 available for download too [125MB].

UPDATE: In response to my questions, Nokia have now confirmed the Booklet 3G will output 1080p via the HDMI interface.  Based on the performance demonstrated in the video I’d be surprised if it can play 1080p even from local disk, but for static presenting on a big-screen in a business environment this is a nice feature. It also confirms that if it can play 720p from disk (and I believe it will, based on non-exhaustive testing), it can be output to a big screen.

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