Moto CLIQ / DEXT: Another Android battery muncher? (An emerging theme?)

by Ben Smith on 28th September 2009

Within seconds of its announcement I knew I wouldn’t be buying Motorola’s new DEXT (CLIQ in the US) Android handset, however exciting their social aggregation platform BLUR looked. It’s an exclusive to Orange at launch…

The Motorola CLIQ / DEXT. Image credit: The Boy Genius Report.

The Motorola CLIQ / DEXT. Image credit: The Boy Genius Report.

However, it is an important release…

For Android-fans (that’s me) handset choices have been far too limited. HTC‘s build quality has been improving since the dreadfully-built G1, but all subsequent devices (the Magic, Hero and soon-to-launch Tattoo) have been touch-screen only.  The announcement of Android-powered products from Samsung, LG and Motorola was great news: these are manufacturers capable of making well-built devices and it signals much wider choice.

Samsung’s Galaxy certainly pleases in the looks and screen department, but it’s dire battery-life (possibly improved by a recent firmware release) made it unusable for me.  Now The Boy Genius reports battery life on the CLIQ / DEXT is also so poor as to make the device useless:

…the Motorola CLIQ has possibly the worst battery life of any phone I’ve tested in recent memory with the current software. Maybe Motorola’s BLUR back-end isn’t optimized yet, maybe the phone software isn’t final, but this is ridiculously bad. Especially since it doesn’t even deliver your status updates when you want them, it just sits there pulling in data constantly updating in batches. I haven’t used the device as a primary device so I couldn’t give hard statistics on battery life when phone calling, but with on and off usage, it’s ridiculously bad. The battery itself looks to be 1390mAh for those that are interested.

Is this Android’s Achilles’ heel?  Is power management going to be what cripples these devices? Do software fixes post-launch risk getting Android a bad reputation in the battery department with early adopters?

Come on LG… prove me wrong.


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