Really Mobile goes walkabout with WOM World

by Vikki Chowney on 8th September 2009

Some of you may have seen the announcement last week that along with Phil Campbell and Rupert Howe, I’m going to be heading off to Helsinki (and a ‘yet to be confirmed’ second city) this Thursday for a bit of a European ‘Twestival Local’ tour.

Are you Local?

Are you Local?

Twestival, in case you don’t live, breathe and sleep Twitter, is a series of events organised by volunteers that bring people together offline to raise money for those who need it most.  While Twestival Global put the spotlight on one charity for a single day, Twestival Local raises money for local causes within communities across the world from September 10-13.

Nokia and WOM World are making a ‘per mile’ donation, as the three of us each track our journey with our very own N86. Now, I haven’t reviewed this handset properly yet (I understand that Mr Whatley will be submitting his review very soon), but I’m sure that’ll form part of my thinking throughout the trip, especially as all roads point to it being a contender to what I call my ‘ultimate content creator’ – the N95 8GB.

All three of us fly to Finland charged with capturing our journey in any way we like, then pick a second destination out of a hat and split up to deliver the phones ‘baton style’ to someone waiting for us at the next event. The trio of N86′s then go on their own little journey before returning back to the UK for Oxford’s Twestival event on Sunday night.

Phil has already written up the overwhelming list of tech he’s going to be taking along, as well as all of the places his content will end up. It’s a great look at what it means to cover an event like this from a very granular social media perspective.

If you want to follow what I’m doing, my main output will be Twitter (integrating Twitpic), Flickr and Qik. There’s no way I’ll be covering as many channels as Phil, but I’ll be packing my coverage full of photos and video, which is what I’m most excited about doing with the N86 (8MP baby!). Though I’m a geek at heart, I’m more interested in the content itself.

Rupert on the other hand has just discovered Pixelpipe, and I’ll be watching his use of that with interest. It tends to be a bit slow for me, so I’ll probably be sticking with ShoZu for sharing most of my content (and even though I will have to pay to download, it’s worth it). Phil’s also working on a special something to aggregate ALL of our content into one place, so watch this space for more about that…

In the meantime, I’m taking suggestions for what gadgets I should take, starting – NOW!

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