SpinVox's first carrier partner seeks alternatives

by Dan Lane on 24th September 2009

Another week and yet another kick in the teeth for the suffering voice-to-text firm SpinVox as their first ever carrier partner is very publicly looking to replace them…

Artists impression

Artist's impression

A quick peek at the “Procurement Opportunities” page of SaskTel (“the leading full service communications provider in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan”) shows that they are looking for alternative voice to text suppliers.

The full text of the tender request reads: “SaskTel currently provides Voice Mail (VM) to Text service which allows customers to have incoming voice mail messages converted to text and routed to their cellular phone on the SaskTel network via an SMS text message or to the email destination’s of their choice. SaskTel is seeking a vendor for audio to text conversion to be used for Voice Mail to Text and the potential for an “always on” convenience feature which would allow the ability for SaskTel calling parties to leave a message for any SaskTel wireless subscriber even if they do not subscribe to VM services. SaskTel would also be interested in any possible future applications of audio to text conversions, including but not limited to Voice to SMS, Voice to text memo, Voice to text Blogs.”

This leaves me wondering just what else can go wrong for SpinVox?

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