Blackberry Storm 2: Snapped in Carphone Warehouse Store display [Updated]

by Ben Smith on 7th October 2009

There’s been plenty of spy shots of the Blackberry Storm 2, which is rumoured to be arriving on Verizon and Vodafone UK this October, but our eagle-eyed spies (well, friend of the site Dan Carter from at World of Nokia) has spotted this display at a Vodafone Carphone Warehouse store which shows an official image of the device.

Vodafone Storm 2

The Blackberry Storm 2: Almost certainly on Vodafone any moment now.

We doubt very much if the staff will be able to demonstrate it to you just yet, but expect an announcement very soon.

At The Really Mobile Project we’re hoping it’s less of a steaming pile of fail than the original Storm was (sorry Blackberry, but let’s be straight about this) although it would have taken an enormous amount of effort to produce anything worse.  Fortunately early reports have been positive so we look forward to a serious touch-screen contender from Blackberry.

Meanwhile, Dan Carter’s trying to eradicate thoughts of any manufacture other than Nokia by memorising the N900 manual… Thanks Dan!

Update: Per Dan’s comment, this was taken in a Carphone Warehouse, not a Vodafone store.  Ooops! Sorry!

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