CORRECTED: Palm Pre (doesn't) win T3 'Gadget of the year'

by Dan Lane on 14th October 2009

Whoops! this post was previously about the Palm Pre winning Gadget of the Year at the ‘The T3 Gadget Awards‘. Well it pains me to say that turns out we were wrong.


This Jim Wild cartoon was an entry to our Week of Win competition, from back when we didn't make mistakes!

Yes, that’s right, it happens sometimes! We acted on a lead from a confused tipster. The award was actually “Outstanding Contribution to Tech” awarded to Palm’s Jon Rubinstein for turning Palm’s fortune around with the Palm Pre.

Now we could argue that Jon’s contribution has yet to be confirmed as the Palm Pre has yet to be proven as a success but I think we’ll leave it at that.

So what is the T3 Gadget of the year? Why that would be the HTC Hero. Other winners include Stephen Fry for Tech Personality of the year, Google for Best Tech Brand and the aforementioned HTC Hero also snapped up Phone of the Year.

I think we might have to do our own awards… I have a good nomination for “Worst tipster of the Year”.

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