Palm Pre launch party [There ain't no party like an O2 party... Hey... Ho... etc]

by Ben Smith on 14th October 2009

The Really Mobile Team recently attended the Palm Pre launch party – thanks to JP at O2 who really pulled the stops out for us. These events confuse me – very few people talking much about the device or the launch, but free drinks and an expensive line-up of bands. I’m not complaining, but that bit of marketing and PR is beyond me.

The Really Mobile Project top tip: Always film through foliage.

Whilst I played cameraman for a feature we hope to have ready on launch day (so far unmentioned on Twitter… it’s the N900 causing the buzz) James snapped a few pictures that I love. Partly for their glitz…

Sorry... not sure how that snap of my apartment got in here...

Partly to highlight the site looking nice on yet another device…

The Really Mobile Project: Giving the Pre that little bit extra 'awesome' it needs.

…but mostly for this one image we managed to coax off the Pre itself of James. The image looks OK zoomed-out, but at full resolution the colours and artefacts are pretty nasty. The iPhone’s camera lacks an LED light and feels a bit slower but with the enhancements in the 3GS might still win here.  Both are still bettered by the N86 and the Satio, but they’re not aiming to be in that league.

Whatley: Taken on the Pre. Click through to Flickr to see how bad the colour and quality gets at full resolution.

…that’s pretty poor – especially under professional lighting.

First impressions of the Pre from me:

  1. It feels nice in the hand, the software requires more familiarisation time than I expected despite looking very slick
  2. Build quality is OK (but only OK) and as I feared the keyboard is pretty bad – similar to the Treo Pro I’ve been suffering with for some time, albeit with a more web-sensible arrangement of punctuation and special characters.
  3. It’s capable and polished, but it’s taken too long to get out of the US – consumers won’t be wowed by it.

As nice as it is though, with Palm having dropped all their Windows Mobile devices (and hence existing customer-base) it won’t be enough… I call Palm’s time to death (or take-over) as 18 months.

Shame… I loved my PalmOS devices, way back…

Keep watching for a video of the night’s events, first thoughts from the rest of the team and hands-on footage of us with the Pre.

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