Team Update: Vikki Chowney launches Reputation Online

by Ben Smith on 2nd October 2009

An exciting bit of team news for those wondering ‘how do the team fill the long, lonely hours between blogging and celebrity parties?’

Really Mobile’s very own Vikki Chowney launched her brand new project this week: Reputation Online.


Reputation Online - The online reputation place.

Reputation Online is the latest addition to the New Media Age (NMA) family and is a free to read website from Centaur Media. Aimed at those responsible for managing brand reputation online and building a better digital presence, the site will be made up of pieces from Vikki herself as well some well known contributors in the shape of some the industry’s best experts.

Today’s edition for example sees an interview with Gavin Thompson, Head of Brand Strategy over at O2.  In a piece entitled ‘O2 talks agencies, adverts & objectives‘, Gavin answers questions about Twitter, online branding and the constant need to be different from the competition.

Last night at the 3popquiz there was amazement when I revealed that Really Mobile wasn’t a full time job. No, that’s right. We do this for fun. We all have full time jobs which keep us very, very busy and you can read more about them on our about page.

Congratulations to Vikki on the launch of Reputation Online (or @rep_online on Twitter) we wish you the best of luck, but we know she won’t need it…

…And don’t worry, Vikki will still be posting and presenting here as usual, but you can now get a daily fix of Chowney at Reputation Online. And that’s a good thing.

Go there. Now.

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