labs launch 'snaffle' [sponsored demo]

by Ben Smith on 19th November 2009

We were delighted to be asked by the labs team to take a preview version of their new iPhone application ‘snaffle‘ to Covent Garden to make this demonstration video. Currently under test, the app – which is powered by Vouchacha – allows you to see retailers offering deals in and around the area where you are and to redeem them direct from your iPhone… Dan and Ben set out to give it a try.

‘snaffle’ will be available free through the iTunes App Store soon and further information is available from

In their own words, the labs team are ‘experimental application developers’:

Everyone’s getting more mobile, and this is what the labs team is addressing. customers are not tied to a desk using their computers – they’re out and about, or travelling, or at home on the sofa. They may be using a phone, a laptop, email, twitter, facebook, the web. To see what really works for these mobile customers, the labs team is continuously designing and launching experimental mobile applications. They are looking at activities in cities, and finding ways to recommend good stuff to do tonight, tomorrow, at the weekend, always relevant to the customers’ location and context. You can see what they’re up to at

We’ve also previously covered the teams’ other products NRU and fonefood.

Disclosure: commissioned this demonstration video and have donated a piece of audio equipment to the site. We are delighted to work with sponsors to produce content with them, but will always keep this content clearly labelled and separate from review and opinion pieces.

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