Exclusive: Ovi Store ships Hi-Def Movie

by Ben Smith on 10th December 2009

EXCLUSIVE: The Ovi Store team added an specially selected, full-length Hi-Def feature film to their catalogue exclusively for one customer (me!) today… It was hand-delivered from Finland by George Linardos, Nokia’s Vice President, Products, Media & Games.

The best gift from Nokia Ever: Hannah Montana. In Finnish.The best gift from Nokia Ever: Hannah Montana. In Finnish. (The Back)

It seems they were concerned about my recent dis-interest in their extensive Hannah Montana catalogue…  I’ll have a full un-boxing video posted shortly.

Kudos to George and the team for taking our recent parody of the Ovi Store’s failings in good humour.  He had, he said, lost count of the number of times it had been forwarded to him by colleagues and friends.  Politely describing it as ‘useful feedback’ his team is working hard to address the kind of problems we’d seen, but he wanted to be sure we at The Really Mobile Project had all the Hannah Montana we needed whilst work was ongoing.

[George also filled us in on recent changes and some of Nokia’s strategy for the future – a proper post follows… In the meantime Mobile Entertainment has the story]

And in case you’re confused here it is one more time…

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