O2 confirm iPhone launch on Tesco Mobile

by Dan Lane on 10th December 2009

UK supermarket chain Tesco isn’t exactly known for it’s premium brand (apparently sitting between Asda and Sainsbury’s in the ‘Supermarket Snobbery’ charts) but that doesn’t mean customers of their MVNO offering have to go without…


Ok, I'll admit it. This post was made just so we could use this image.

The iPhone 3G and 3GS will be available on the network from Monday on both Pay As You Go and £20 or £60 per month contracts.  All tariffs include ‘unlimited’  data (‘fair use’ limits to be confirmed, but likely to be 500MB) and WiFi (via BT Openzone, so don’t expect it to work very often), with the two pay-monthly contracts offering allowances of £60 and £500 (called ‘unlimited’) to be spent on calls and texts.

Whatever next? Kerry Katona pimping the HTC Hero from Iceland (don’t forget to pick up a prawn ring) or how about a Vertu from Waitrose?


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