'Teenage Heroes' Panel Interview [Re-posted]

by Ben Smith on 15th December 2009

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After the excellent ‘Teenage Heroes’ Panel at the Heroes of the Mobile Screen conference on 7th December, Vikki caught up with 4 of the panel – Nick, Rachel, Shivz and Rebecca – to recap the discussion and find out a little more.

– Apologies to payByMobile for the error in the first version of this post.

The panel made particular mention of pitches from:

Flook – An iPhone and web application: …a brand new way to discover and share the world around you. Flook’s innovative UI lets you simply swipe through a stream of nearby flook cards. Cards have a full-screen photo and some text and they’re also geo-located – placed at a specific location for you to find when you’re nearby. Over time, flook learns which cards people like most, and then shows them to you first. It’s a bit like StumbleUpon for the world around you.

payByMobile – An SMS-based mobile payment system: paybymobile is a wallet for online shopping – top-up and text to pay. Instead of inputting card payment details or PayPal passwords, the user texts a payment code to pay for their shopping. Purchases are charged to a mobile wallet and not the mobile phone bill. Funds can be loaded onto the user’s wallet in-store at your local shop, at an ATM or via online banking, and most other places where mobile top-up is sold as paybymobile is the new operator option on the top-up menu. It works on every mobile phone, both contract and pre-pay, and is free to the end-user.

Psonar – A music backup, streaming, discovery and purchase service available on the web and mobile devices: Psonar makes it easy to put your entire music collection in the Cloud and manage it as you want. The service finds and uploads the music and playlists from your PC or MP3 player to the cloud-based service and then makes that music available from anywhere.

Animentals by Fluid Pixel Studios – An online and mobile game for Nokia phones: “Help the hapless Dr. Foof rehabilitate his collection of crazed pets. The first Animental in the collection is Furball who is both whacky and uncontrollable and requires constant care. Keep him happy for a week to prove to Dr. Foof that Furball has recovered but watch what Furball is up to, he’s full of mischief and has a different entertaining reaction to everything you do.”

The panel also saw LiveTalkback a ‘live’ polling application for iPhone and Nokia handsets.

We were hugely surprised not just by the panel’s reactions, but also their mobile habits and reactions to some of the products being pitched.  Stuart Dredge produced a very detailed record of events for Mobile Entertainment.

What do you think?  Was the panel representative? Who did well?

For more information on the panel and the Digital Youth Project from project creator Julia Shalet who’s provided more coverage and background on the panel on her blog.  Julia filled us in on how she has pioneer this approach after the event:

“My objectives are always to provide both entertaining and insightful sessions for businesses / industries alongside engaging and relevant learning experiences for young people.”

“The Teen Panel is a great way to get some quick insights that need further follow up. It is just a toe-dip. I also run innovation workshops with young people that work really well to get a deeper dive and have also run sessions around proposition development that include young people desiging a social media marketing plan for a business targetting the youth.”

Thanks to Richard Hyndman for use of his photograph from the session.

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