From N95, to E75 and beyond. Where next?

by Vikki Chowney on 29th January 2010

Here we are again; I find myself deliberating which phone to move on to next.

Post-E71 meltdown last year (RIP), I took a step backwards and reverted to my trusty N95 8GB. All was well, as I truly believe that it’s best content creator out there for a blogger. I loved being able to take such high quality photos again, its ease of use and rich media functionality.

Where do I go?

That is, until it went walkabout (I say ‘walkabout’, but really I just left it on a tube). Chowney FAIL.

As it happens, I’d been toying with which handset to get once I was eligible for an upgrade on 3 (which happened on January 16th) for some time. I’d fallen in love with the N900 in Helsinki on the N86 Tour, mainly because of the image quality, light sensitivity and beautiful transitions. It was a pre-production model, so there wasn’t much to go on, but I was impressed.

However, once it was actually released and I got to spend any amount of time with it, I was disappointed with how cumbersome it grows to feel after using for any length of time. Quite apart from the strange positioning of the unlock button and low battery life.

Back to square one. For a long time I toyed with an iPhone, almost solely to get Spotify as an app. I don’t care about the extra cost, the ability to access whatever music I want while out and about is invaluable to me. I’m nervous of battery though, but as this was a major factor in not going for the N900, it would be foolish to overlook it. However, I’ve spent time playing with the iPhone. It’s easy, it works, it does what it says on the tin. Will I miss the amazing camera quality? Probably. Could I just get the S60 app for Spotify? Definitely.

Where does this leave me? I feel the need to venture onto new ground instead of go the easy route and get another N95. The Palm Pre was – quite frankly – one of the worst phones I’ve ever used. I don’t trust Sony Ericsson, and can’t bring myself to turn to Samsung.

While I come to my decision, I’ve been using the E75, which I pretty much dismissed last year due to keyboard-related tactile reasons. Back then, I was waiting for the E72 (which was another let down sadly, it crashes too frequently for my liking) but loved the new Nokia messaging that was so simple to connect. In hindsight (it’s a wonderful thing), I was a bit harsh. I’m actually getting on alright with the 75, the email is fantastic, I’m just not using the keyboard at all. It seems a bit of a waste.

And so, we come to Android. I had a lot of fun with the HTC Hero when it was first released. I think I might just go for it. The touchscreen is fantastic, the apps are great, and I can roll a Spotify sub into a new contract with 3 if needed.

Now I just have to decide whether to stick or twist in terms of network…

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