Today's the day… 'Big' Ovi Event

by Ben Smith on 21st January 2010

Nokia Invite

We’ll be there…  Nokia have invited us to their big Ovi announcement. Lips are unusually tightly sealed but the message is consistent – Nokia see this as a big announcement. It seems they may have forgiven (or at least laughed-off) the whole Hannah Montana thing

If I had to make a guess right now my (imagined) money is on an Ovi Store re-launch.  In that meeting before Christmas, aside from giving me the best gift ever, George Linardos made it clear Nokia was putting huge work into improving things. Growth was, he defended, gathering an impressive pace – 100% month-on-month – but he acknowledged Ovi overall lacked the refinement and polish others (Apple) had achieved.  He also accepted that many of the promises made at the store’s launch (almost a year ago at Mobile World Congress February 2009) still needed to be delivered.

It’s also probably not a co-incidence that Nokia kicked off a marketing push for Ovi Store today via their Conversations blog:

The Wonderful World of Ovi Store - Directed by Hiro Murai, a music video director who has worked with The Fray and Bloc Party and produced by Michel Gondry’s award winning production company,

"The Wonderful World of Ovi Store" - A stunning bit of animation directed by Hiro Murai, a music video director who has worked with The Fray and Bloc Party.

It’s a beautiful piece of animation, highlighting three of the better apps available – Gravity, Qik and Facebook – but it would be an odd thing to release unless they felt Ovi Store was ready to go back under the spotlight again… Just in collecting those 3 links, I found a problem with search (for Gravity) and confused wording about device compatibility (for Facebook). They must have fixed it… right?

We’ll be ‘live tweeting’ the event at @reallymobile from 0930h GMT.

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