'Dear Oli': The Prodigal Fool's letter to Nokia's CEO

by Ben Smith on 14th February 2010

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The Prodigal Fool has interrupted his high-rolling lifestyle just long-enough to pen a letter to Nokia CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, suggesting 10 ways to get Nokia back as ‘contenders in the high-end smartphone market’.

For me, this captures the essence of the post:

…we’re friends. But sometimes friends have to say things to one another that hurt. It’s because we care. You see, we think you’re heading the wrong way. But we also think there are some fairly straightforward things you could do to remedy the situation. Here then, in the spirit of constructive criticism, we offer you a suggested To-Do list…

Apart from being a good read, it’s the comments that are worth sticking around for… some challenge the Fool’s facts and others are just desperate that somehow the message actually reach its intended recipient.  Take a look and contribute your own view.

Image credit: Nokia Press Image, Nokia World ’09 Keynote

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