Google Buzz: where's the love?

by James Whatley on 10th February 2010

Last night, as I was leaving the office to go play football, word was spilling out onto the interwebs about a brand new Google service.

“Social features!” some said, “Keep your friends updated”, whispered others but, it was only when I saw the sad, inevitable combination of words that make up the phrase “Twitter Killer” did I finally switch my Mac off and head on out. Buffoons.

90mins later, post footy, I left the pitch and decided to upgrade my Google Maps and – to my surprise – buzz was there, but at the same time – not there.

Apparently, I can view my buzz layer but that’s about it. Looking around my Google Latitude I could literally only see two updates.

5800 Google Maps.5800 Google Buzz.Buzz... What?!

Just two?!
Why so little?

Surely everyone must be buzzing about this awesome, brand new social product from the big G, right? Right?

Um… wrong. And here’s why:

Wheres the love?

Where's the love guys?

Turns out that ‘the buzz’ is only relevant for a few of us. That’ll be the few of us running any handset with Android 2.0+ or an iPhone.


It’s at this point I’m reminded that of course, Google is based out of San Francisco. And, as everyone knows, these are the only two types of devices that are used in Silicon Valley.

Me on the other hand, along with THE REST OF THE WHOLE WORLD, doesn’t.

Ah well. I’m sure it’ll be great when it gets here, but right now – all I can muster is a shrug, a ‘so what’ even.

As an old colleague of ours might say… Next!


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