Hidden MWC: Earphones… controlled by your eyes!

by Ben Smith on 16th February 2010

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Right now the entire mobile industry is in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress and the coincidently-timed International Pick-Pocket Festival. There’s plenty of big news, but it’s the smaller stands where the magic is often to be found…

How about some eye-controlled earphones…? Yes. I said eye controlled.

The team at NTT Docomo have created some witch-craft* that enables their headphones to detect the direction the wearer is looking in… This can then control an MP3 player – switching tracks and starting/stopping playback – leaving your hands free to do… well… anything that doesn’t require you to look around much.

* May actually be science, not witch-craft.

For those with a penchant for the detail…

… [Dr. Masaaki Fukumoto, Executive Research Engineer at NTT DOCOMO's Frontier Technology Research Group] has adapted a medical device for measuring eye response, called an electrooculogram (EOG), which uses sensors to measure the electrical potential of the cornea and track where the eye is moving.

Eye-Controlled Earphones

So… that’s cleared it up. The NTT Docomo site has more details.

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