Nokia Customer Service… Fish, Barrel, Shooting…

by Ben Smith on 18th February 2010

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Nokia. Say what you like about their phones and software (and indeed we do), plenty of people like them and they can’t all be wrong… (can they?)

Their customer service, however, often leaves a lot to be desired – we’ve covered it before at length. So here for your guffawing pleasure is their response to Richard Mason who wrote to ask if they wouldn’t mind awfully moving a scroll bar…

It’s not as if I had asked Nokia about their theory on existentialism, I was simply asking them if it was at all possible, somewhere down the line, if they could move the scrollbar on my Nokia 5800 to the left hand side. That’s all.

The response is genius… no wait… the other thing… awful:

Dear Richard,

Thankyou for contacting Nokia Care. We appreciate you choosing Nokia as
your preferred device.

We acknowledge your feedback. We understand the unpleasant Impact to
our customers for all issues they have experienced that we currently
improving on.

Any circumstances such as this has been carefully investigated and we
understand  this cause you inconvenience as it to us. Nevertheless, all
feedbacks like these Nokia accepted this as a big challenge in order for us
to be more competitive, improved and to be more successful from our errors.

We would like to thank you for bringing this up to our attention. All
complaints from our customers like you are considered as you value our
product that requires an immediate attention.

For future reference, please feel free to check our website.

Kindly refer to the link below:

You may also call our Customer Care Hotline at 0845-045-5555, Mon-Fri
9am-7pm (except bank and public holidays)

Please don't hesitate to contact us again if you have any further questions.

Yours faithfully,

Johnson N
Nokia Service Professional
UK & Ireland Team
Nokia Care

Source: Bitterwallet
Image Credit: striatic, Flickr

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