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And… the winners are…

by Ben Smith on 25th March 2010

Thank-you to everyone who entered and tweeted our recent competition to win one of Nokia’s E55E75 or N97 and a mystery prize for a random tweeter. You’re a creative bunch and we laughed a lot….

1st Place

A last minute entry from Mauricio Reyes (accepted via Twitter because our commenting system broke) won the day with this killer combination of haiku and how-to:

stuck with an iPhone
miss freedom of symbian
there’s an app for that

2nd Place

James Whatley

Whatley: "Irreplaceable"?

Michael Hell for his fantastic ‘Really Mobile Movie‘ cast and for making us laugh with the explanation:

“There is not one single Actor I know, that could replace James Whatley in a Movie”.

“James plays James. Period.”

He also called Dan Lane ‘bald’ which made 3 of us laugh and suggested I might dance like this (I don’t dance) which won for laughs if not accuracy.

Checkout Michael’s blog ‘Thoughts from Hell‘ (you see what he did  there?).

3rd Place

Lindi McCormick for her excellent 404-themed haiku which I’ve adjusted (only very slightly) to be ‘family friendly’:

Oh No! We’ve screwed up
Or could it be you, and your
Big fat stupid hands

Tweeting Mystery Prize

Jade Bryan Jardinico, editor of ‘Symbian Dreams‘ for one of his  tweets. The mystery prize is a Nokia E52 handset… not too shabby we hope you’ll agree.

Special Prize for Ignoring the Rules But Making Us Laugh Anyway

Not on the original list, but awarded by the judges for ‘special effort’ (emphasis on ‘special’)… Terence Eden for his video ‘Will you help a battered Blackberry?‘:

Since Terence decided to ignore the competition rules, but still managed to make us laugh, we’ve decided to ignore the competition prize list and will be sending him an LG Crystal… a more than capable replacement for his smashed Blackberry Bold (probably).

Haiku Honourable Mentions

RichardC: “Mobile disappeared, Decent upgrade expensive, Haiku emerges.”

guy3000: “N97, I will put it on my face, and talk to some folk.”

nisched: “Ovi store horror, Will you still provide us with, Hannah Montana.”

Nico: “There is this site called, The Really Mobile Project, it’s about phones stuff.”

Matt Radford: “No single smartphone, Multitasks to perfection, Like two iPhones can.”

We’ll have another competition soon…

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