Oh dear… 1st N8 hands-on feedback is bad

by Ben Smith on 26th April 2010

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Recently, I’ve been convinced we were seeing a Nokia turn-around… the Ovi store is better and sales are huge, there’s been bold moves like free Ovi Maps and there’s some impressively priced new handsets coming. First feedback on the still unannounced flagship N8 suggests the good news is over for a while though.

What Nokia needs to complete get itself completely back on course was a new OS on some great hardware.  Symbian, for all its technical excellence and maturity, is badly let down by the current S60 user-interface offerings. The much-leaked N8 was the handset to fix that – a flagship device sporting the new Symbian^3 OS to match the excellent hardware with the UI it deserved. Sadly, the first feedback from Eldar at Mobile Review (article in Russian, but with plenty of extra pictures) is being reported as overwhelmingly negative

…they’ve made cosmetic improvements, that users should like. And users do not like them. I get a feeling that Nokia is living in some wonderland, where people are buying it’s products in droves. But this is not the case. And as a flagship product, Nokia N8 looks not just bleak, but as something incomprehensible. With the help of advertising, they will get people’s attention, start selling and will sell quite a few of them. Just to scare more people away from Nokia brand. A feeling is that there are some competitor moles working at Nokia, sabotaging the work. Purposefully destroying Nokia brand step by step. I can not find any other explanation for current events…

If (and I stress if – this is one man’s first opinion) this is right, there’s going to be a substantial hole at the top of the Nokia range for some time (Symbian^4 isn’t due until 2011) and whilst sales may remain huge, Nokia will continue to slip towards the low-margin end of the market where every dollar is just that little bit harder-won (and more easily lost to the competitors).

You have to begin to wonder: is Symbian^3 up to the job or is it just lipstick on the current pig?

Quote credit: Unwired View
Image credit: Mobile Review

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