Eyecandy: The Experience Lounge at Nokia HQ

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by Ben Smith on 25th May 2010

During our visit to Nokia’s famous Helsinki HQ, the ‘Nokia House’, we got to spend some time in the famous ‘Experience Lounge’. It was… an experience.

This mobile-geek’s dream room holds a huge range of handsets, displaying nearly every device you can imagine (and some you can’t) alongside demo booths and concepts. Here’s a quick preview of some of the best bits – there’s a video tour to follow.

Can you spot any devices you’ve owned? Can you even name them all? Queue the nostalgia and a hefty dose of gadget lust…

Concept Corner

Nokia's entire range is scattered across every wall... The moutings are magnetic and all but the oldest devices are charged and ready to use, so you can play to your heart's content.

Some of the firm's earliest, ground-breaking mobile devices sit alongside some of the less (to put it politely) memorable offerings...

Even Vertu are here... but not for touching.

Even Vertu are here... but not for touching.

A QWERTY E-series family re-union also admits a stray C3

Internet radio thing... No we don't know anyone who ever bought one either.

Concept devices behind glass

A map of mobile subscribers... Press the button and watch the number of new mobile network subscribers climb in real-time. Yes, that number at the top is in billions. Yes, North America's number is smaller than Asia's... and even their southern neighbours. Just sayin'

A demonstration of wireless charging from Finnish firm PowerKiss, makers of wireless charging built into furniture.

The N-Gauge devices... firmly consigned to the 'naughty corner'.

Nokia's green efforts: handset recycling (left), slim packaging design (middle) and low-power chargers versus 'normal' chargers (right).

Images: Ben Smith and Rafe Blandford.

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