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Rumoured Nokia and Yahoo alliance confirmed

by Ben Smith on 24th May 2010

It’s true: Nokia and Yahoo are teaming up to merge their on-line services…

The implementation has already started apparently and will go live in the second half of 2010 in some geographies with full integration in 2011.

Need to Know

  • Nokia to become exclusive supplier of maps and navigation to Yahoo where they’ll be branded as ‘Powered by Ovi’.
  • Yahoo will operate the infrastructure of Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat globally with Nokia retaining the mobile interface.
  • ‘ID federation’ to allow user’s to login across sites from both firms.
  • Nokia have refused to discuss who’s paying who. All they will say is it’s intended to be ‘sustainable’…

More information from the Nokia Conversations blog.

Nokia and Yahoo are stressing how how well they fit together...

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