Nokia still accidentally telling people N-Series dropping Symbian [Told You So]

by Ben Smith on 23rd June 2010

Nokia have been at it again, only this time they blabbed to CNET Australia

As we reported back in November, it does look like they will be dropping Symbian from N-Series

Told ya so....

Described in the comments to our original post as the ‘worse kept secret‘ this second slip makes it look increasingly like the leak we heard at the N900 launch wasn’t ‘just the Maemo marketing team getting carried away’ as it was painted in some circles.

We don’t like to gloat – it’s a very unattractive behaviour – but…



This story is bad news for Nokia, but not for the reasons most will think…

With MeeGo (Maemo’s oddly names successor) they’re loudly trying to differentiate ‘mobile computing’ from ‘smartphones’. N-Series has always been the top-end ‘mobile computing’ range (even when Symbian was being used to do the job badly, such as in the N97) so it is entirely logical that it would move to the newer platform which is better suited to the task. The problem is that by allowing this news to drip out slowly Nokia aren’t getting the opportunity to explain that devices as powerful as the N8 will still be made (and will still run Symbian) and will just be moved to more appropriate places in the naming convention.

So what started out as a story looking like Nokia was reducing its commitment to Symbian causes a lot of ill-informed noise and in truth all that’s changing is the sticker at the top of the device.

Oh dear…

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