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Want to know where the only iPhone 4s on 3UK are?

by Ben Smith on 25th June 2010

There was the predictable controlled chaos around the Apple Store on Regent Street. Queues snaked around the store, along the street and around the corner. At 6pm the line still contained many hundred of people – some estimates placing it at 1000.

Bizarrely though, with the huge rush to purchase the device, inside the store was relatively quiet with huge numbers of the new iPhones on display untouched. There was a sight to gladden many people’s hearts though – the display devices were running on the Three network (at last).

iPhone 4 available on all the major networks (including 3) now

Three have announced they’ll have stock in their own stores soon (but expect it to be at least a few weeks) but it looks like you can pick one up in an Apple Store now, assuming there’s any left.

The Really Mobile Project’s own Dan Lane was in the queue early on to collect some reserved devices. His initial delight at the free breakfast being handed around had long-faded by mid-morning when there were still hundreds ahead of him. He has, though been delighted with the device ever since describing build quality as “as good as those Vertu’s we once saw”.

Whilst hundreds of people queued, few had actually tried the new iPhone which sat ignored a few yards away...

Here’s a quick photo-tour:

iPhone 4 Launch Day: Flickr Set [mobile friendly]

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