New devices in to review: Nokia C3 & Samsung Galaxy S

by Live Coverage on 12th August 2010

Thanks to the people at Vodafone I have 2 new and very different devices to look at: the Nokia C3 and the Samsung Galaxy S.

Very different (arguably the C3 isn’t a smartphone) but exciting for very different reasons…

The C3 is Nokia’s first QWERTY Series 40 device which generally powers their range of ‘dumbphones’ (my word, not theirs) and whilst this device retains its simple operating system it adds a number of messaging and social networking features. The Galaxy is a rareity – a high-end Android device not made by HTC. It sports an AMOLED screen, 5 megapixel camera and all the ususal high-end bells and whistles… I wasn’t a fan of the original Galaxy (Samsung’s first Android device) being firmly of the opinion it was ruined by terrible battery life and poor support so it will be interesting to see if they’ve made a better job of it 2nd time around…

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