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N900 vs Nexus One: Confessions of an Android user

by James Whatley on 1st September 2010

I wrote this post back in April earlier this year. I’d say around the 10th. Time got the better of me and I never got ’round to publishing. After much deliberation I thought I’d throw it up. Just in case it still holds weight. Your comments, as ever, are welcome…

The N900 and the Nexus One. My two main phones at the moment. Both brilliant in their own right. The former still proving the model of awesome content consumption while the latter still manages to surprise with the quality of its creative skills.

There isn’t much I can say about the Nexus One that I haven’t already said in my HTC Magic review of old. But, to recap -

The phone is nearly perfect and for the month that followed Mobile World Congress (where I came to own said device), it was my only phone.

That’s right, my ONLY PHONE.


The N900 has done this for me before too, so what’s the difference? These past few days I’ve come to realise exactly what; the Nexus One isn’t a phone. I don’t use it as a phone and I don’t think it was ever truly going to be a phone.

Slowly but surely the shortcomings of the device have revealed themselves. None more so than a recent excursion to see Frightened Rabbit. I left the office and wanted to travel light, deciding to only pack one phone (heresy, I know). A quick glance at my two devices revealed the N900 was running low on the battery front. I grabbed the Nexus and left.

Miss Vikki Chowney joined me en route, herself (at the time) testing out the Nokia E72.

Both devices sport a 5MP camera with an LED flash so you would think that the results would be quite similar. Right? Wrong.

Here are two photos from the night – can you guess which one’s which?



That’s right, the top is the Nexus One and the bottom is the E72. Shocking. Note; the lower effort is FROM AN E-SERIES! Jebus. At this point, a Google/Android/HTC zealot might argue that the E72 pic was timed just right to hit the lights and was perhaps just a lucky shot. Not so.

As you can probably tell from this N900/Nexus One comparison set I took in March.
Nexus first, N900 second -

Tree - Nexus One

Tree - N900

Staggering. A content creator’s handset of choice, the Nexus One is not. But, as a dedicated INTERNET device, it’s not too bad at all. Content consumption = WIN

So to the nub. The choice. The point of no return. If, given the choice of only having one device for the rest of my life, which would I choose?

The Nexus One with its brilliant web service consuming skills OR the N900 with its heavy data processing and content creation awesomeness?

This is, without doubt, the closest I’ve ever come to giving up my Nokia. The Magic was three steps from perfect, the Nexus it would seem is only one.

It is close but Nokia, because when I use your handsets you inspire me to create more, you still have it.

Since writing this post I’ve swapped out my N900 back to an N86 and then again recently to a C6. For me, the creative aspect of Nokia’s devices is why I keep choosing them.

Disclosure: James is Engagement Director at 1000Heads, who count Nokia amongst their clients. However, this is his own opinion and relates to the devices he chooses away from work, for personal use. His love of Nokia’s content creation abilities long precede his current role – it all started with an N95 a long time ago… But we thought we’d let you know, because that’s how we roll ’round here.

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