Where’s that Dell Streak 2.1 update? It’s here! [Final Update]

by Ben Smith on 1st September 2010

We blogged the exclusive news direct (and official) from O2 that they were releasing Android 2.1 for the Dell Streak today and jolly pleased we were too. We’re giving one away (thanks to O2) too.

So, it’s early evening time in the UK and we’re impatient so we got back on the phone to them and the news is… “hang on it’s coming” It’s coming this afternoon.

Full details of how to download the update (for existing users) are now on O2′s site.

The update has landed… As reader Matthew MacDonald reports:

It’s landed!  Simply go Settings->About Device->System Updates

You will need WiFi access and at least 50% battery or your charger if less.

Thanks Matthew!

That makes the rest of this post redundant now, but (for fun) here’s what it used to say:

For those Dell Streak owners amongst us, don’t panic:

  • The software release is finished, tested  by them and ready to go.
  • It’s a last-minute delay in the actual process of making the release public.
  • O2 are working at this to make sure this delay is sorted as quickly as possible.

That is all that straight from the horse’s mouth.

I did a bit of table thumping and foot stamping, but there are a lot of steps and people involved in first preparing and then issuing updates like this. This delay is a shame, but where device updates are concerned you don’t (or rather shouldn’t) skimp on the process.

The next obvious question is ‘delayed for how long?’ Predictably they’re reluctant to say, given today’s delay, but I’m told it’s short and is best described as ‘administration’ rather than changing the build itself. They’ll be keeping us in the loop as things progress.

Remember  you can still win a Streak. Get your comments and tweets done by Monday, 6th September.

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