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The ‘Mobile WiFi Challenge’

by Ben Smith on 24th September 2010

Is it possible to live by mobile broadband alone…?

No broadband, no WiFi hotspots and (thank goodness) no dial-up? What about giving up dongles too…? Is a MiFi enough?

Well, un-clench your thinking muscles… I’m about to find out for you in a side-project I’m calling a Mobile WiFi Challenge (I know… snappy).

For 6 months I’ll be trying to do just that and have even taken the precaution of moving into a house with out cable or telephone lines to discourage any cheating. I’ll be blogging the experience, reviewing the products I use and trying to collect some of the more interesting news about this new type of device.

Why not pop over there now and feast your eyes on my progress to-date?

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