Vox Sciences: not cool

by James Whatley on 28th September 2010

Dan Lane looked over the VoxSciences service just over a year ago and signed off his review with ‘Overall this looks very promising’.

Right now, many would disagree.

Earlier today I, along with (I would guess) a fair few thousand of others, received this SMS from Vox Sciences -

Not cool

Looks like spam, smells like spam...

Obviously what with all the troubles that the (now Nuance-owned) voice-to-text company, SpinVox, went through last year, someone there obviously thought it would be a good idea to sell their entire UK database of numbers.

Worse still, someone at VoxSciences thought it would be an even better idea to spam each of these numbers in an attempt to build their user base.

While Twitter is obviously not the be all and end all of civilised society, it’s safe to say that a quick search for ‘SpinVox‘ or ‘VoxSciences‘ reveals a LOT of very unhappy people.

Dear VoxSciences, users don’t like spam.  Neither do ex-SpinVox employees.



Did you get a message? Please feel free to vent in the comments below…

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