Samsung Bring Down the Shutters on Symbian

by Martyn Davies on 1st October 2010

This year's model: The Galaxy S runs Android

Samsung today abandoned Symbian support with an email blast to their developer community.

According to Samsung Mobile Innovator, the shutters will come down rapidly, with the developer forum closing and even the existing content being purged  at the end of December this year.  Samsung has been pursuing its own developer strategy with the Bada platform as well as partially embracing the increasingly ubiquitous Android operating system.

This comes in rapid succession to an announcement from Sony Ericsson, who have also abandoned Symbian while committing to Android, for example with the Xperia X10.  On the eve of the Nokia’s release of the N8, featuring the new Symbian^3 OS variant, this leaves Nokia as the last major manufacturer still with a Symbian strategy.  Even Nokia themselves are also investing in the MeeGo OS for their high-end devices.

Nokia set Symbian free as a self-determined trust in 2008, with a strategy to go open-source.  Ironically, rather than make Symbian less of a “Nokia shop”, the Symbian Foundation today has become more than ever locked-in to Nokia.

At the Symbian Foundation they won’t be concerned about their imminent death since, in context, 300,000 devices per day still ship with Symbian on board.  However, this is not an entirely encouraging picture for the Symbian conference, SEE, coming up in early November.

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