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by Ben Smith on 15th February 2011

I’ve just written an opinion piece for my more business-focused blog ‘Wireless Worker‘ about the ‘Plan B’ reaction to Nokia’s shift to the Windows platform:

If you don’t understand the problem you’re probably part of it.

‘Plan B’ is an anonymous attempt to campaign for Stephen Elop’s removal and the reinstatement of Nokia’s previous Symbian and MeeGo strategy. The authors claim to be ‘9 young investors’ but their lack of awareness over the pressures the Nokia board were under to ‘do something’ and their analysis of what and where the problems are is crude to say the least.

A change like the one being executed by Nokia at present is a difficult one – it’s an emotional challenge as much as a technical one, as anyone who’s worked in changing a business will tell you. It’s especially hard in this case because firms and individuals’ livelihoods are impacted by the announcement. Fear of change is normal.

Read the rest at Wireless Worker.

As ever opinions and comments welcomed.

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