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Nokia: ‘Significant’ Windows Phone customisations

by Ben Smith on 14th February 2011

Well, they did it and the details are now starting to dribble out.

Last night, in his pre-event press conference new Nokia CEO Stephen Elop talked more widely around the issues that have been raised as a result of the firm’s decision to move to Windows Phone. During he event he shared another rendering of how future devices might look after one leaked-out last week.

The first renderings of Microsoft-powered Nokias that leaked out...

However, it’s worth remembering these are only renderings showing the ‘stock’ Windows Phone interface.  In several conversations since the announcement Nokia people have raised the subject of customisation … It’s clear the firm is keen to differentiate its devices with ‘valuable’ customisations – a concession which no other firm has secured from Microsoft and (perhaps) a measure of how the close the relationship is.

It’s unlikely that any customisation will involve the wholesale replacement of the UI – the language and aspirations seem more subtle than that to me. The aim seems to be to add ‘Nokia value’ into the Microsoft offering and (to me) that may give a better indication of how Nokia intends avoid the trap of becoming ‘just another’ hardware vendor.

I’ll say it again – it’s not the announcement that matters… it’s what happens next.

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