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Nokia's Ovi Maps: All new, all routing and all free

by Ben Smith 21st January 2010

Well, it wasn’t an Ovi Store announcement. Nokia’s big announcement this morning was an all-new version of Ovi maps – available now for 10 devices including N97 mini, X6, E72 and 5800 – which has been re-written to be the ‘best personal navigation device in the world’.  All maps, voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation (driving and walking) […]

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Today's the day… 'Big' Ovi Event

by Ben Smith 21st January 2010

We’ll be there…  Nokia have invited us to their big Ovi announcement. Lips are unusually tightly sealed but the message is consistent – Nokia see this as a big announcement. It seems they may have forgiven (or at least laughed-off) the whole Hannah Montana thing… If I had to make a guess right now my […]

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There are no good enterprise mobiles…

by Ben Smith 16th December 2009

There are no good mobiles for the enterprise… That’s the grim realisation I’ve come to over the last few weeks.  There are plenty to chose from, but stop buying for yourself and try buying for 100s of people considering all the costs. Then choose one that will be reliable enough to entrust your business and […]

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'Teenage Heroes' Panel Interview [Re-posted]

by Ben Smith 15th December 2009
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After the excellent ‘Teenage Heroes’ Panel at the Heroes of the Mobile Screen conference on 7th December, Vikki caught up with 4 of the panel – Nick, Rachel, Shivz and Rebecca – to recap the discussion and find out a little more. – Apologies to payByMobile for the error in the first version of this […]

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Exclusive: Ovi Store ships Hi-Def Movie

by Ben Smith 10th December 2009

EXCLUSIVE: The Ovi Store team added an specially selected, full-length Hi-Def feature film to their catalogue exclusively for one customer (me!) today… It was hand-delivered from Finland by George Linardos, Nokia’s Vice President, Products, Media & Games. It seems they were concerned about my recent dis-interest in their extensive Hannah Montana catalogue…  I’ll have a […]

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How much does an N900 cost? Nokia don't know…

by Ben Smith 4th December 2009

“How much for an N900?”, a friend asks.  Hmmm… I’m not sure. I got a discount code when ordering mine, but otherwise it was always £499 in the Nokia online store. I’ll just check Google… Oh wow! A sponsored search listing right at the top of the page! It looks like they’ve discounted it £50 […]

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Nokia Online Store fails to impress…

by Ben Smith 28th November 2009

If you’ve been following me on Twitter then you’ll have seen my recent frustration at the delays in shipping a pre-ordered N900, but this post isn’t about that. This post is about the Online Store itself…  What better place could there be to buy a new Nokia handset? Quite a few, it appears (for the […]

Read More » labs launch 'snaffle' [sponsored demo]

by Ben Smith 19th November 2009

We were delighted to be asked by the labs team to take a preview version of their new iPhone application ‘snaffle‘ to Covent Garden to make this demonstration video. Currently under test, the app – which is powered by Vouchacha – allows you to see retailers offering deals in and around the area where […]

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