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BREAKING: ‘O2 WiFi’ is free hotspot network for everyone

by Jonathan Jensen 26th January 2011
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O2 has launched O2 WiFi offering free WiFi to anyone, regardless of whether or not they are an O2 customer. Rather than focus on their existing customer base or charge non O2 customers for access, O2 has taken the view that their revenue stream will come from the venue partners. O2′s aim is to make […]

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Boingo Wireless – expanding in the UK

by Jonathan Jensen 19th July 2010

Last week I caught up with Christian Gunning from Boingo. Having seen that Boingo will be the sole public WiFi provider at Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton airports in the UK, I was keen to understand Boingo’s plans for the UK. Boingo provides access to approximately 132,000 WiFi hotspots across 171 networks in 103 […]

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Celebrate Trustive's big news & win pre-paid WiFi accounts! [closed]

by Jonathan Jensen 5th May 2010
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To mark the expansion of their hotspot network from 90,000 to 140,000 worldwide hotspots (including 3,600 BT Openzone hotspots in the UK and Ireland) Trustive has generously agreed to offer our readers (that’s you, yes you) some pre-paid WiFi accounts as prizes for 4 lucky people… To enter the competition to win one of these […]

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Powerfreakz solar charger – tap into free energy!

by Jonathan Jensen 30th March 2010
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Mobile phone battery technology has lagged behind other advances in mobile technology and I frequently find that my iPhone battery is down in the red long before the end of the day. On my Nokia E72, using a VoIP app like Skype or Truphone over 3G means the battery takes a massive hit. Unfortunately it’s […]

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First Look: FREETALK Wireless USB Headset for Skype

by Jonathan Jensen 11th February 2010

A habit of mine when I’m on the phone is to wander around the house. For some reason I prefer to walk and talk rather than sit in a chair! However with a regular PC headset I’m tethered to the PC and can’t move which is a source of frustration. So when I saw the FREETALK Wireless […]

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iPass launches their Open Mobile Platform

by Jonathan Jensen 25th January 2010

One of the challenges when travelling abroad on business is finding the best connectivity solution to get online. Your regular WiFi service may provide roaming access to local WiFi hotspots, alternatively paying for access to a local network may be a cost effective option. If all else fails, using 3G data roaming is an option, […]

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iNum: one global phone number

by Jonathan Jensen 8th December 2009

This week I had a chat with Tim Behrsin, who heads up the iNum division at Voxbone. iNum (which stands for ‘international number’)  launched in 2008 and has been busy building interconnect agreements and signing service providers over the last year. The concept behind iNum is a single global phone number that isn’t tied to a specific […]

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Yamaha PSG-01S Speakerphone for Skype

by Jonathan Jensen 16th November 2009

Last week a nice surprise arrived via courier – the new Yamaha PSG-01S speakerphone for Skype. Described by Yamaha as a ‘Sound Gadget’, the idea behind this device is that it acts as a speakerphone for Skype calls when upright and doubles as stereo speakers when lying on its side. It’s a highly portable device […]

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